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Meet this quarter’s featured iCARE community: Melissa Memorial

Melissa Memorial Hospital (MMH) has had just 2 PFAC meetings since starting to plan their PFAC in March 2018, but the group has had no shortage of support and action since their first meeting in October 2018!

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The iCARE program has come to a conclusion. Read the final report.


Goals of the iCARE Program

The three primary goals of CRHC’s iCARE project are to:

  1. Improve communications in transitions of care
  2. Improve the clinical process and systems to reduce readmissions, particularly for heart failure, pneumonia, and diabetes patients
  3. Maintain low readmission rates


iCARE Benefits

iCARE participants set an individual goal related to one of the three goals listed above relevant to their CAH and clinic. As a participant, resources are available to assist you in setting goals and implementing the changes you would like to see at your facility and in your community while at the same time improving quality, reducing costs and improving patient satisfaction.

  • Free technical assistance and training in Quality Improvement Practices
  • Free resources including roadmaps, templates/checklists, education, and monthly webinars
  • Peer networking with other CAHs and clinics to share lessons learned, successes and barriers
  • Opportunity to enhance process efficiencies, improve patient satisfaction
  • Opportunity to increase public awareness of your facility and its services
  • Opportunity to align with state and federal initiatives including the Triple Aim, federal FLEX funding goals, MBQIP, and
  • CAH Conditions of Participation
  • Opportunity to showcase your facility’s accomplishments at a state and national level


Avoidable readmission rates and transitions in care have come under close scrutiny by payers and policymakers because of the potential of high savings associated with them. Tackling this issue is an opportunity to improve quality and reduce costs in the health care system. Although readmission rates among Colorado CAHs, by virtue of their volume, may be small, there is opportunity for our state to stay ahead of national trends, spotlight the great services Colorado’s CAHs and rural clinics are providing, make improvements in processes that will help maintain low readmission rates and continue to showcase the hospital and clinic’s status as a leaders in their community.

CRHC started iCARE in 2010 in response to the national scrutiny on care transitions and avoidable hospital readmissions. Since that time, over 50 CAHs and rural clinics in Colorado have been improving quality and patient safety for their patients and communities focusing on three overarching goals: improve communications in transitions of care; maintain low readmission rates; improve clinical process to reduce readmissions, especially related to chronic disease. iCARE continues to expand from not only a focus on chronic disease, but also a focus on patient and family engagement, specifically by helping iCARE participants develop and implement effective partnerships through a Patient and Family Advisory Council.


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