Medical Oral Expanded Care
(MORE Care)


Medical Oral Expanded Care (MORE Care)

In rural areas, the need for integration of preventative oral health practice into primary care is greatly due to a variety of barriers to care, particularly for underserved populations. Rural primary care providers have the potential to play a pivotal role in improving the oral health of their patients, and the Medical Oral Expanded Care (MORE Care) program aims to support health care teams in building the skills and capacity to do so.


The aim of the MORE Care Initiative is to aide participating rural clinics in Colorado to successfully adopt and adapt chronic disease management strategies to provide primary and secondary preventive oral health services to patients 0-19. This is achieved through clinical trainings, the creation of collaborative care models and development of referral networks between medical and dental providers.


The initial pilot of the program began in 2015 in rural South Carolina. MORE Care began in Colorado with three rural health clinics – Lake City Area Medical Center, Eads Medical Clinic, and Walsh Medical Clinic in 2016. These three clinics comprise the ‘first cohort’ of the program in Colorado, and will be expanding activities for the 2017-2018 program year. These Cohort One clinics will sustain the changes and improvements they made in the pediatric population, and will also expand oral health integration activities to patients with diabetes.


Additionally, Three new clinics – Rocky Ford Family Practice, DCMH Family Medicine Hotchkiss and South Routt Medical Center – have joined MORE Care to begin oral health integration with pediatric patients as Cohort Two. These clinics will expand their patient populations after their first year of participating in MORE Care is completed.


Participating facilities establish a team that champions the MORE Care project within the clinic. The team usually consists of approximately two to four members, including a clinical champion and day-to-day leader. They work together to test, develop, and implement methods for increasing their core competencies around oral health care delivery and practice systems that promote oral health delivery and coordination with dental providers. Participating clinics will receive education, ongoing support and training from CRHC, an in-person training from CDPHE’s child oral health program Cavity Free at Three, and guidance from oral health experts in conducting oral health risk assessments, self-management goal setting, fluoride varnish application, and establishing referral networks. The following measures help us determine the progress of oral health integration, and are collected monthly from each participating clinic:

MORE Care Benefits:

Benefits for your practice include:

  • Be a leader in the integration of oral health into primary care practice – an increasingly important component of patient wellness
  • Receive a login and access to Quality Health Indicators (QHi), a reporting and benchmarking tool for rural clinics across the United States
  • Learn and apply process improvement skills in your practice
  • Receive assistance in developing referral networks/resources with dental providers
  • Support and align with patient centered home concepts
  • Build a measurement system to support improvement and patient outreach related to oral health care delivery
  • Gain access to national experts in oral health and quality improvement
  • Provide more comprehensive services to your community
  • Develop new competencies around oral health


CRHC would like to recognize those facilities participating in the MORE Care project:

Eads Medical Clinic
Walsh Medical Clinic

Rocky Ford Family Practice
DCMH Family Medicine Hotchkiss
South Routt Medical Center

To learn more about MORE Care, please contact Mary Bayham, Clinics Program Coordinator, at