Current Openings



Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator reports to the Outreach Manager and is responsible for the successful execution of CRHC events and the stability and accuracy of the CRHC website. This position will also manage budgets for events and membership. In addition to these roles, the position works in a team-oriented manner by supporting and coordinating with multiple departments. Review the full job description and application instructions here.


HIT Business Strategist

The HIT Business Strategist reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the sales and implementation of the HIT support services. The HIT Division includes business analytics/intelligence solutions to assist CRHC clients with data analytics and outsourced HIT assistance in either the rural hospital or clinic setting. The HIT Business Strategist is responsible for assessing and selling HIT services including business analytics/intelligence, on-site and remote HIT support services. This position is responsible for working with the CEO and Director of Business Development to ensure the HIT program’s success including strategic direction and development of services to meet the needs of rural Colorado. Success for activities will be measured in revenue, volume, and the development of strong relationships with rural hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, etc. Review the full job description and application instructions here.


Employee Benefits

CRHC encourages the health and wellness of its employees and would like to thank the following organizations for their generous donations to support our employee wellness program: