Recruitment and Retention Catalog

CRHC has compiled the following resources to help your organization recruit, develop, and retain top tier talent. Our goal is to help you maintain a staff of dedicated providers in order to ensure that all rural Coloradans have access to comprehensive, affordable, high quality healthcare.

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Recommended Models and Tools

CRHC’s Colorado Provider Recruitment and Retention Program (CPR) CRHC’s CPR program is a non-profit program addressing healthcare workforce shortages in Colorado’s rural and underserved communities. CPR aides in the recruitment and retention of qualified healthcare professionals who are committed to serving rural and underserved populations. Tailoring to the needs of your facility, CPR can assess your recruitment strengths and challenges and provide you with resources to address those specific areas, provide access to the National Recruitment and Retention Network’s job board, CPR’s internal candidate database and job posting board, as well as provide continuous data and education as the rural workforce needs change. Additionally, CPR staff provide technical assistance to rural healthcare facilities on the financial incentive programs such as loan repayment opportunities available to their provides and present information on the landscape of rural practice to students and residents in Colorado’s health professional training programs. Read More

Designing Inclusive Hiring Practices Data from CRHC’s environmental scan (to be released early 2023), shows that current healthcare professionals believe, an inclusive and diverse recruitment team is the most important factor in recruitment that influences retention. Specifically, building a recruitment team that consists of various positions within the facility and with varying backgrounds both personally and professionally leads to better candidate selection and “buy in” from other staff. An expert in the field of equitable and inclusive hiring, Pin-ya Tseng has outlined how to build diverse recruitment teams via collaborative hiring, non-biased verbiage and objective decision making.