Rural & Frontier Preceptor Tax Credit



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Rural & Frontier Preceptor Tax Credit Instructions

  1. Complete the following survey to access the Department of Revenue certification form.
  2. Send an electronic copy of the completed DOR certification from to the Department by email to
  3. If the preceptor receives notification from the Department that the credit has been issued to him or her, file a Colorado income tax return and claim the credit on his or her return.


Preceptors: Please participate in this optional data collection survey, below, to ensure the Rural & Frontier Preceptor Tax Credit will be reauthorized by the Colorado General Assembly in the future. This data will support the goals of the tax credit in incentivizing rural primary care preceptors, increasing the number of rural primary care preceptors, and ultimately increasing the number of primary care providers in rural Colorado.  The information you provide will be housed by the Colorado Rural Health Center and shared with the Colorado Area Health Education Centers, relevant Colorado Institutes of Higher Education in, and the Colorado General Assembly.


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