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CRHC offers a variety of support services to strengthen your clinics operations, focus on compliance and dive deeper into quality improvement.

Rural Health Clinic 101 Education

This program provides information and resources on the Rural Health Clinic Services Act, overview of the certification process, conditions of participation, policies and procedures, payment models, compliance tips and review of CRHC support services.

Mock Survey

The mock survey prepares clinics for the CO state survey process and includes on-site clinic inspection and review of manuals and medical charts. A professional, follow-up summary report of findings and recommendations for improvement are also included.

Policy and Procedures Manual

As a condition of participation, all RHC’s are required to have a current policies and procedures manual that addresses all regulations and clinic operations. The CRHC Policy and Procedure manual covers all policies specific to RHCs.


Rural Health Clinic Annual Evaluation Template

A condition of participation, the Annual Evaluation template will ensure that your clinic is providing all of the correct information on utilization of services, ensuring policies and procedures are being followed and making any necessary changes.

Clinic Patient Satisfaction Assessment Development

Rural Health Clinics are not mandated to submit patient satisfaction data, but collecting this feedback is essential to practice improvement and viability. CRHC quality improvement staff will work with you to create a real-time patient satisfaction assessment to identify improvement areas that will positively impact the experience of your patients.

Clinic Transformation and Sustainability Assessment (CTSA)

Introducing the HCA 2.0, a more in-depth assessment of clinic operations, that aligns more with current healthcare standards. This comprehensive remote assessment, analyzes operations and processes to identify opportunities for improvement and provide best practices for continued sustainability and growth. 

Clinic Scheduling Evaluation and Improvement

Internal supply and demand study for appointment scheduling. Looking at historical scheduling data and getting feedback from patients. Identify ways to better align with results and show evidence of implementation.

Referral Processes Training

Three hour remote training to cover outreach for building referral networks, developing established referral processes and documenting successful referrals. Follow up phone call to discuss implementation successes and challenges.

Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Development and Support

Meaningfully engage patients and families in your clinic by involving them in change implementation and improvement with a PFAC! CRHC quality improvement staff will help you organize your PFAC or provide support for your existing one, and guide the PFAC through implementation of a patient self-management support tool.

Add on: Patient Self-Management and Support Tool Creation



Rural Health Clinic Financial Management Series

Rural Health Clinics provide essential primary care services in rural under served areas and face significant barriers to maintain financial solvency and achieve operational effectiveness. The RHC Financial Management Series is designed to identify these barriers and offer recommendations which can lead to improved performance. This will be an interactive six month series featuring a one hour learning session each month. Participants will get the opportunity to network with other clinics and walk away with a plan for improving financial outcomes.

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Strategic Planning and Growth

CRHC Clinics Program staff helps clinics define strategic goals for growth and set priorities. We focus our technical assistance activities on strengthening operations, ensuring there is capacity to work towards goals and creating more efficient processes. Activities include mapping and redesigning workflow, evaluating current referral processes, developing customer service standards, creating a brand for your clinic and implementing Patient and Family engagement activities including developing a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). This work takes six to eight months to complete with CRHC staff. 

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CRHC supports clinics in a variety of ways so they can continuously focus on quality improvement.


CRHC offers our flagship quality improvement program iCARE to participating CAHs and their provider based clinic (s). iCare is focused on strengthening interdisciplinary communication and and enhancing patient and family engagement as a means to improve chronic disease management.



Oral Health Resources

Certified Rural Health Clinic Resources

Pediatric Oral Health Risk Assessment

Incorporate during well-child visit as an oral health risk assessment. Risk assessment provided by Cavity-Free at Three.

Click here for the Risk Assessment

Adult Oral Health Risk Assessment

Incorporate oral health risk assessment during adult wellness (or other) visits. This risk assessment template is provided by Eads Medical Clinic.

Click here for Risk Assessment Template

Medical Provider Referral for Dental Care

A template to send relevant medical information to dental provider. This template is provided by the MORE care program by Denta Quest.

Click here for the Medical Provider Referral Template

Dental Treatment Report

A treatment confirmation report for clinic to receive relevant report back from dental provider. This template is provided by the MORE care program by Denta Quest.

Click here for Dental Treatment Report Template

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