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CRHC’s dedicated Health Information Technology (HIT) staff offers a variety of support services to help your hospital or clinic run smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

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[CRHC Systems Administrators] came in to support the IT at [Rio Grande Hospital and Clinics (RGH)] at a time of transition between the old and the new IT team. Between the 2 teams, we had a gap of a few months and this is where [CRHC staff] excelled! During that time, RGH was expending and construction of new departments was in full swing. [CRHC staff] took over those implementations and helped us be on task and on schedule. It not only took over the management of IT but also transition all the knowledge to the new team. He has become a great resource to guide us in the right direction even now.

[CRHC staff] was professional with everyone and the RGH staff is glad to see him when he comes around and helps on diverse projects. He came back to deploy a brand new Wi-Fi in all of our facilities and also provided a new monitoring and inventory system with Kaseya.

This new solution allowed us to planned and reduced the cost of migrating all of our workstations to Windows 10 for a tenth of the cost of buying new computers. Also, Kaseya allows us to easily provide support to anyway with the computer connected to the network or Internet. It has been very useful when executive members need help from us while they are at conferences or other remote events.

-Yael DeFaye, Chief Information Officer
Rio Grande Hospital & Clinics

Security Solutions

Keeping your networks, and your patient data, safe and secure is your top priority. Let us help you.


This service offers assessment of administrative, physical, and technical security safeguards for personal health information (PHI) and information security; risk analysis to identify the criticality of software applications establishing a threat matrix, likeliness of threat or exploitation, and risk ranking; provide tools on how to mediate risk; evaluation of HIPAA compliance; and risk gap analysis and remediation tips.



This preferred partner service supports healthcare facilities with dedicated network managed services via a specialized device that will manage network security as a firewall, provide cloud back-up, disaster recovery utilizing triple redundancy, provides network trend analysis and predictive analytics and is a custom secure portal with unlimited user access.

Administrative Support and Discounts

We help you get your Policy and Procedures in line and equip you with the discounts you need to meet your goals on time and on budget.

We provide tools, support and consultation to help you get your Policies and Procedures in line, select the best Electronic Health Record system for your needs and budget and ensure your staff is meeting CMS and state reporting requirements for attestation.



Through this preferred partner service, CRHC members have access to brand-name computers and related peripherals, software, accessories and networking products at a discounted rate.


These services establish a baseline of features and requirements including forecasting of future governmental requirements; possible candidate development and evaluation; candidate comparison reporting including expense, feature scoring, contractual deliverables and terms; presentation of findings and assistance with final decision; and other requests as needed and agreed upon.



Policies and procedures are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities that take place within the boundaries set by them. This template will ensure that your healthcare facility is providing all of the correct information for HIT compliance.



This service to promote interoperability programs includes gap analysis one month prior to attestation or before the end of the reporting year; review of attestation readiness including CMS and state registration; coordination of annual attestation for Medicare and/or Medicaid; and question and answer support.


CRHC provides a monthly webinar series on topics relevant to rural healthcare information technology and related topics such as HIE, HIPAA security/risk, Meaningful Use/QPP and more. Webinar details and on-line registration are posted on the CRHC website, under the “Events” tab.


Direct IT Support

Let us take the weight off of your staff. Our professional staff are industry leaders with years of experience and intimate knowledge of the rural health landscape. 



This service is designed to supplement or augment a healthcare facility’s existing IT department. CRHC utilizes Kaseya Software Solutions for patch management, anti-virus, and remote monitoring. Help desk services are also available. This service includes three different levels of service bundles as well as a full spectrum of a la carte services designed to meet all of your IT needs.


On-site/remote or ‘block of time’ support agreements include on-site or remote services for general HIT needs. These agreements are typically provided in reaction to an incident that has already occurred, such as when a user has encountered a problem, but are also utilized to fulfill work scheduled ahead of time. If backup at your facility is needed to provide relief of your current staff on holidays, sick leave and vacation time or interim support during staff transition, CRHC’s experienced HIT staff will step in and fill those needs. The key differentiator between this and flat-fee agreements is that the Managed IT Services through Kaseya specifically provide remote monitoring, patch management and anti-virus. These flat fee agreements are optional components that can be added to the agreement at additional cost.

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