Group Purchasing Solutions

Group purchasing is the collective participation of many different individuals or organizations in the purchase of products or services, thus enabling active participants to benefit from discounted or group rates. Group Purchasing Solutions play a key role in helping hospitals and other health care organizations across the country save billions annually. By using Group Purchasing Solutions, health care providers avoid the time and money required to negotiate and execute potentially thousands of individual contracts.

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Group Purchasing Solutions


Managed Firewall and back-up; disaster recovery; Wide Area Networks, internet access, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and managed network services.

All Star Recruiting

Click here for All Star Locums slides on Billing for Locum Tenens; Q6 and the 21st Century Cures Act.

Click below for All Star Locums previously recorded webinar on Billing for Locum Tenens; Q6 and the 21st Century Cures Act.


Association for Rural Health Professional Coding

Coding and billing audits, coding and billing education, training and certifications; and discounts on training materials.

Center for Value In Health Care (CIVHC)

Reports available containing geographic specific claims data.

Click here for CIVHC’s slides on Data Innovations to Inform Rural Health Care Progress.

Haugen Consulting Group

Health Information Management (HIM), training mentoring and temporary replacement support.


In partnership with the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), CRHC is pleased to offer a group purchasing opportunity for RHCs to purchase reference laboratory services through Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) at discounted rates from LabCorp’s published fee schedule.

The LabCorp GPO Agreement Offers:
• Extensive price discounts for the top 2000 lab tests
• 65% discount off regular catalogue prices
• Dedicated LabCorp representative for each facility
• Clearly defined lab test turnaround time

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Lewan Technologies

Lewan brings value to Rural Health’s members through the following offerings:

  • HIPAA Certified, SOC2 Type II, and ITIL-based operations
  • Security and Data Protection focus
  • Procurement Services and Certified expertise with major technology manufacturers (over 350 certifications)
  • Quality and quantity of expert IT Engineers, Architects, Project Managers and Analysts
  • Vendor Management simplification
  • Technical staffing services
  • Consultative and holistic approach to your Digital Transformation

Here is a virtual tour of the association’s new partner’s IT Division:


As soon as you know about upcoming purchases, projects or needed resource(s), please contact our dedicated Rural HealthCare specialists. Please distribute this communication internally so that your teams can have access to a dependable company that is here to help. Please also note that a one-time credit application will be required.

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PC Connections

Direct markets brand-name computers and related peripherals, software, accessories and networking products.


HIPAA security risk analysis, education and training; HIPAA Policy and Procedures; and EMR vendor selection consultation; Meaningful Use consultation.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University, also known as SNHU, is a private, nonprofit, coeducational, and nonsectarian university situated between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire, in the United States.

Unique Solutions Associates Inc.

Unique Solutions Associates Inc., a preferred provider with CRHC, functions to connect members with a variety of vendors and solution providers.

The vendors listed below are current solutions providers endorsed by CRHC through Unique Solutions Associates:


CRHC Solutions Catalog

Cap-Ex Group

Hospitals looking for executive benefit planning opportunities should consider the CAP-Ex Group.  The CAP-Ex program facilitates the return of all funding dollars of the plan, plus interest, back to the sponsoring hospital or foundation while simultaneously rewarding key talent with competitive retirement benefits. Simply put, CAP-Ex helps you to Grow Capital and Retain Talent:

• Improve stewardships of resources
• Transform benefit expenses into assets
• Retain executive and physicians with competitive retirement plans
• Strengthen retention with vesting provisions tied to benefits

CAP-Ex is an attractive alternative to traditional planning options, such as SERPs or 457 (f) deferred compensation, because it deploys resources in innovative ways to more effectively meet the needs of the institution and its stakeholders.

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ECO Tech Lighting

Eco Tech Lighting offers energy efficient products. Their unique approach uses “Best in Class” LED Lighting products that will reduce your monthly lighting expense by as much as 40-70%. They also insure that you will not have out of pocket expenses to participate in the program.

Eco Tec Lighting LED Lamps will save 81% or $7,793 every year, providing a 61% annual return on investment with a breakeven of 1.25 yrs. yrs.; totaling $78,860 of savings during the LED lamp’s lifetime.

Free of charge, they come in and preform an audit of your existing lighting equipment and generate a full report of your organizations opportunities. The report includes probable savings, rebates and financial incentives to complete the project.

Sample Report

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Expense Management Network

For more than eight years, Expense Management Network, Inc. (EMN) has maintained an impeccable reputation and has delivered valuable cost containment advice to medical facilities across the country. EMN offers the following:

• 100% success rate reducing medical facility expenses by 20% per recommendation
• Recommendations that require no change of vendor/product
• No net cost – EMN’s compensation is 50% of actual, documented savings
• No more than 4 hours per year of their clients’ valuable time
• A $25,000 Cost Reduction Guarantee
*A minimum annual medical supply spending of $500,000 is required.

Across the US, Expense Management Network, Inc. has successfully reduced the overhead cost for:
• GI/Endoscopy Centers
• Surgery Centers
•  Hospitals
•  Clinics
•  Hospice and Palliative Care Centers

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Investment Solutions

Have a foundation and seek to upgrade the depth of investment and related service while outsourcing fiduciary liability or would you like to create a foundation and enjoy these same services provided by the largest manager of investment managers in the world for huge foundations, (including the Gates Foundation)?

Or would you simply like have a complimentary second opinion on the investment management and services of retirement plans from the largest manager of managers in the world for pension funds.

While all of this may seem like a tall order, this financial advisory service has an impressive clientele, comes highly recommended by a trusted resource and enjoys access to a global economic research team.

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Legal Shield

LegalShield supplies affordable legal services at a discounted rate to CRHC members. Read more.

To watch the Identity Theft and Legal Benefits webinar please click here.

The Legal Needs of Small Business

Small Business Fact Sheet

Small Business Testimonials

Sevenex Group

The Sevenex Group provides Resource Optimization Infrastructure-wide 7 to 1 ROI solutions. The Sevenex Group can help you achieve more savings and revenues “faster, better, bigger, cheaper, and simpler” through affordable, practical, and implement-able solutions that are 100% scalable for all hospitals. They do this by cost-cutting with no layoffs and increase net revenues with no new staff.  What the hospital gets:

• E-assessment completed in 20 – 40 minutes by hospital’s top 10-30 execs/directors/managers
• Patented algorithmic filter selects and sequences implementation-ready solutions
• Best solutions = biggest savings and revenues, ASAP
• Solutions with concrete implementation steps sent every 25 – 30 days
• On-site consulting, 1-2 days every 30-60 days for solution implementation
• Technical assistance help-desk with free unlimited access

The Sevenex Group offers quick hit savings and revenues, multi-year, sustainable and growing savings/revenues, predictable new savings and new net revenues and GUARANTEED new savings and net revenues.

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ShiftWizard is a web-based software application, offered as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), which provides healthcare institutions the solution(s) to manage complex staff scheduling processes, resulting in reduced staffing costs and increased workforce productivity. Additionally, ShiftWizard allows healthcare institutions and their staff to spend less time on the day-to-day struggles of managing their workforce, and more time spent caring for patients. With an implementation of ShiftWizard, these complex, problematic issues are resolved, resulting in a more productive, less stressed environment. By achieving these goals, the client can appreciate an end result of higher standards of care, continuity of care, increased productivity, reduced costs and staff retention.

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Waste Consultants

Waste Consultants specializes in substantially reducing waste disposal and recycling costs for its clients on a risk free, results oriented basis. We service companies nationwide by reducing waste and recycling disposal costs via proven methods with extremely consistent results. By utilizing our services, companies are able to focus on their core business and off-load this burdensome, cryptic, and time consuming task to us. And the best part is our clients only pay us when we produce results.

There is no charge for WCI’s analysis and recommendations.

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