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2022-23 Modern Sponsor


Microscope is a healthcare consultancy with clients and experienced professional experts throughout the United States. Microscope aligns with clients to create and implement solutions that allow them the freedom to focus on their strategic objectives. Regardless of your organization’s size, our team of experts can provide a variety of financial and operational consulting services.

Our healthcare experts provide and apply extensive experience guiding your healthcare organization to be more cost-efficient and cost-effective. We look at every facet of your organization, providing and achieving customized results using our patented Margins Solutions process to END NEGATIVE OPERATIONAL MARGINS. Further, in all critical areas such as Financial, Revenue Cycle, Reimbursement, Clinical, 340B Drug Program Compliance & Optimization, Emergency Preparedness and Fraud Prevention, we provide the necessary experienced expertise to implement successful solutions.

Microscope applies the extensive experience of our professional team to create the foundation for sustained savings, revenues, growth and compliance. Microscope has the expertise of our own in-house physicians, nurses and medical experts. We provide a unique one-to-one relationship with your staff, allowing us to make practical solutions to address the financial, operational and clinical challenges you address every day….particularly for small and rural hospitals…our “sweet spot”.

2023 Classic Sponsors – Now Accepting Sponsors!

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Rural healthcare providers are facing new challenges and CRHC is committed to providing our members with resources and information to stay informed during this challenging time. By sponsoring CRHC, you are making an investment to significantly impact rural communities. Supporting rural health in Colorado helps us to ensure our members and other rural health care providers have the resources and support they need to keep their communities healthy and vibrant.   CRHC provides a variety of programs and services to rural healthcare providers, including recruitment and retention services, educational and training opportunities, technical assistance, funding, direct support and referrals, and we advocate on behalf of rural health to change state and Federal policy.

Modern Sponsorship



CRHC Modern Sponsors receive additional benefits beyond the classic sponsorship level, giving them targeted exposure to rural facilities and communities. These benefits have been developed for businesses who wish to directly connect with rural healthcare decision makers and leaders. The CRHC is committed to working on a more customized level with Modern Sponsors to ensure greater ROI.

By signing on as a Modern Sponsor, you are supporting the CRHC’s efforts to strengthen the rural healthcare infrastructure and ensuring that rural communities have access to resources and information they need.

Modern Sponsor benefits include:


√ Your organization’s name and link to your website posted on our website’s homepage and one webpage dedicated to information your organization would like to promote

√ Recognition in CRHC’s brochure, distributed at events and tradeshows

√Quarterly Social Media campaign – a partnership between your team and our’s to launch a quarterly campaign to our 2,000+ social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram PLUS a short video on CRHC’s YouTube introducing your company as our Modern Sponsor.

√ Column in CRHC’s e-newsletter with your organization’s logo featured in every issue

√ Rural healthcare orientation provided by CRHC to address best practices, current healthcare trends, and issues facing rural Colorado

√ Ability to feature articles about your organization’s products or services utilizing our members only listserv with option of segmenting articles to specific members

√ Introductions and/or face-to-face meetings with members, rural constituents, and/or CRHC board members

√ Access to CRHC staff through an introductory presentation

√ Ability to exhibit at the Annual Rural Health Conference and The Forum (at an even deeper discounted rate)

√ Post sponsorship report summarizing benefits utilized and readership evaluation

√ In addition to the benefits listed above, all Classic Sponsorship benefits are included

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Classic Sponsorship



CRHC Classic Sponsors enjoy numerous benefits, including marketing exposure to CRHC’s 3,500 rural and urban constituents across the state and nation.  Classic Sponsorship benefits have been specially designed for businesses who provide essential products and services to our rural facilities and communities.

By signing on as a Classic Sponsor, you are supporting rural healthcare and gaining access to a vast audience of decision makers and leaders.

Classic Sponsor benefits include:

√ Your organization’s name and a link posted to our website

√ $100 off exhibiting at any CRHC event

√ Discounts to attend or sponsor any CRHC event

√Quarterly Social Media campaign – a partnership between your team and our’s to launch a quarterly campaign to our 2,000+ social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

√ Recognition in the CRHC annual report

√ Participation and sole sponsorship opportunities for webinars

√ Ability to place a feature article about your company in our e-newsletter

√ Opportunities for direct referrals*

*Direct referrals are only made to Classic Sponsors who have been approved as preferred vendors.

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EHR Vendors

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