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2017 Snapshot of Rural Health


Safety Net Clinic Week Videos

CRHC spends time visiting Colorado’s rural Safety Net Clinics, documenting their stories and compiling videos for all to see.

2016 Videos

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Policy & Advocacy

CRHC’s policy & advocacy program is committed to improving healthcare services available in rural communities.

The core components of CRHC’s policy and advocacy program are the following:

• Review bills and proposed regulations at the state and federal level
• Take positions on bills and proposed regulations
• Monitor policy trends at the state and federal level
• Establish relationships with policymakers
• Communicate policy information to the broadest audience possible, and
• Serve as a conduit of information between rural Colorado, Denver and Washington DC.

2016 Session – Official Positions

Click on the drop down menus below to see which bills CRHC has taken a position on in each category. Bill numbers link to brief descriptions of the proposed legislation and additional information.

Bills Supported

Bills Supported

HB16-1142 Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Tax Credit
SB16-069 Community Paramedicine Regulation
HB16-1160 Sunset Surgical Assistants Surgical Technicians
SB16-078 Assisted Living Facilitator Competency Requirement
SB16-081 Rural Economic Emergency Assistance Grant Program
SB16-094 District Public Health Agency Costs By County
SB16-169 Emergency 72-hour Mental Health Procedures
HB16-1408 Cash Fund Allocations For Health-related Programs
HB16-1420 CO Healthcare Affordability & Sustainability Enter
HB16-1421 Allocate Additional FY 2016-17 Gen Fund Revenues

Bills being Monitored

Bills being Monitored

HB16-1047 Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
HB16-1065 Income Tax Credit For Home Health Care
SB16-027 Medicaid Option For Prescribed Drugs By Mail
HB16-1034 Emergency Medical Responder Registration Program
HB16-1054 End-of-life Options For Terminally Ill Individuals
HB16-1081 Obsolete Reporting Dept Health Care Policy & Fin
HB16-1097 PUC Permit For Medicaid Transportation Providers
HB16-1101 Medical Decisions For Unrepresented Patients
HB16-1201 Health Professionals Companion Animals
SB16-002 Health Exchange Voter Approval To Impose Tax
HB16-1277 Appeal Process For Changes To Medicaid Benefits
HB16-1280 Update Air Ambulance Regulation
SB16-120 Review By Medicaid Client For Billing Fraud
SB16-127 Repeal Medical Clean Claims Task Force
SB16-134 Professional Licensing For Military Veterans
SB16-135 Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Agreements
HB16-1336 Study Single Geographic Area Individual Health Plans
HB16-1374 Required Notice & Disclosures Freestanding ERs
SB16-158 Physician Duties Delegated To Physician Assistant

Bills Opposed

Bills Opposed

HB16-1015 Contingent Repeal Hlth Ins Laws Aligning With ACA
SB16-006 Health Insurance Exchange Insurance Brokers
SB16-162 Medicaid Recipient Access To Medical Professionals
Amendment 69 Colorado Care

2016 Session Final Report

The Colorado Rural Health Center’s 2016 Legislative Session Report is divided into four categories:

  • Healthcare Access and Affordability
  • Workforce and Scope of Practice
  • Transparency and Reporting Requirements
  • Sustaining Rural Healthcare

Read the Report

Positions and Correlated Actions

CRHC’s policy staff works with members and stakeholders on the Policy and legislative Committee (PLC) to review bills and proposed regulations at the state and federal level. After careful review, CRHC’s Board of Directors can choose to take formal positions (support or oppose) or to monitor specific pieces of legislation. Each designation comes with specific actions:


CRHC will participate in grassroots engagement of membership and policy makers via letters of support, factsheets, legislative testimony, and any additional appropriate actions.


CRHC will monitor and track the bill.


CRHC will participate in grassroots engagement of membership and policy makers via letters of support, factsheets, legislative testimony, and any additional appropriate actions.

Policy Resources

Stay up-to-date on the latest in rural health policy on the state and federal level. We are your go-to resource for accurate information on issues that affect you.

Join the Policy and Legislative Committee (PLC)

The PLC serves as CRHC’s advisory council on legislation that affects our members. During session, committee members meet with CRHC ever other week to review positions on bills and to discuss rural health policy. Get involved!

Learn More about Policy

The legislative process is meant to facilitate public conversations about issues. But it’s pretty confusing. This workshop was presented at Colorado Rural Health Center’s 2015 Forum conference. Kelly Erb, Policy Program Coordinator, discusses key strategies and presents creative case studies to help you take your organization’s direct advocacy and grassroots efforts to the next level. Explore state and local-level political shifts and legislative trends, and tools to help you follow the action.


Map Resources

Geography can shape all aspects of life and is integral to making informed policy decisions. Here you can view a small selection of relevant maps.

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