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Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The Colorado Rural Health Center assists rural nonprofit hospitals to meet the IRS requirements for a CHNA with this program by providing a complete package of services and technical assistance to gather input from the communities they serve. Specifically, this assessment gathers data utilizing CRHC’s internal HARC Databank and provides a community forum for discussing the economic impact of healthcare on the service area, hospital utilization, population health and health outcomes data, and the community’s perceptions of their health and healthcare needs and concerns.

This data, in turn, assists hospital leadership with meeting IRS tax filing requirements for nonprofits, making decisions, planning strategically, and partnering with community members to build synergies that enhance the healthcare – and health – in their medical service area. At each step, the value the hospital adds to the community is spotlighted, making this process a valuable public relations tool as well.

This 3-meeting process offers the hospital a valuable service and a number of valuable products, including:

• Technical assistance and expertise throughout the process
• Meeting facilitation
• Focus group facilitation, if appropriate
• Agendas & PowerPoint presentations for each meeting
• Assistance with creating Hospital Services and Community Benefits Summary
• Community Health Survey Questionnaire
• Assistance with drafting hospital’s response to community input
• Press releases associated with each meeting
• Assistance with Hospital Services and Community Benefits Summary
• Demographic and Economic Data Reports
• Report on Economic Impact of Hospital
• Health Indicator and Health Outcome Data Report
• Community Health Survey Questionnaire
• Community Health Survey Questionnaire Summary
• SWOT Analysis

The strength of this approach lies in the close collaboration between CRHC and the local hospital. In addition to meeting IRS requirements, we work with hospitals each step of the way to nurture relationships with other healthcare providers, organizations, and residents within the medical service area; to explore public relations opportunities; and to underscore the value of the hospital to the community.

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