Funding and Grant Opportunities

Colorado Rural Health Center and their partners have the following funding opportunities available:

What our clients say about us

  • "I am a big supporter of you and your organization.  You do a great job there and you are our best source of referrals."
    Phyllis FaulknerExecutive Assistant/Provider Recruiter, Salud Family Health Center
  • “Thank you for your kind words and inspiration, and thanks for not forgetting about us!!”
    Margie GardnerMedical Records Director, Crowley County Nursing Center
  • "Thanks to conference sponsors and exhibitors, CRHC is able to present excellent speakers and sessions.  Without you, we would not be able to provide such high quality programming!"

    — Michelle Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Colorado Rural Health Center

  • “[I now have a] more thorough understanding of [the] rural healthcare community in Colorado.”

    —Annual Rural Health Conference Participant, 2013

  • "We now have 5 active members and have had 2 meetings, and members are engaged and want to meet every other month. Data is improving: EMC numbers exceed peer groups, and ED inappropriate utilization is decreasing due to new coding process."- Weisbrod Hospital
  • “I would recommend the Colorado Rural Health Center’s Colorado Provider Recruitment service without reservation or hesitation to any organization in the state looking to add a provider to their staff. The staff is excellent and very easy to work with and provide excellent customer service. They deliver high caliber providers, who are really interested in working within your community, not just resumes of providers who want to work in Colorado. They provide, by far, the best recruiting value based on the results that we’ve seen and the resources we’ve invested!”
    John J. Ayoub, FACHECEO, Melissa Memorial Hospital