Healthy Clinic Assessment

Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) deliver preventative and primary healthcare services to patients who would otherwise have difficulty securing access to care for a variety of reasons including living in rural medically underserved or health professional shortage areas.  Additionally, when compared to their urban counterparts, rural clinics must be able to provide high quality patient care with fewer resources which makes it imperative to ensure clinical processes that are efficient and effective.

CRHC helps RHCs by completing the Healthy Clinic Assessments (HCAs) on the clinic’s daily operations and processes.  The HCAs provide a snapshot of each clinic’s internal processes and staff interaction.  The HCA helps provide a solid foundation for clinics so they can move on to other, more intensive quality improvement programs, such as patient centered medical home.

The goal of the HCA is to streamline the operational work flow and the policies and procedures of a clinic to maximize efficiency and create a seamlessly pleasant patient experience.


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