03/21/19 THE Consortium: HIT Educational Webinar


03/21/19 THE Consortium: HIT Educational Webinar

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Topic:  PCI: Another Acronym?

You NEED to know if your healthcare organization is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. If the organization is not PCI compliant, you have a huge liability that chances are, you don’t even know about!

Cheryl Donahue, from Merchant Advocate, will be teaching Colorado Rural Health members all about Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, how PCI overlaps the HIPAA Security Rule, and why it is critical that your organization becomes compliant.

This webinar will also briefly touch on merchant statements, merchant services rates and fees and some examples of what to look out for on your statement.

At the end of this webinar, attendees should be able to answer these questions:

  • What is PCI Compliance?
  • How does PCI overlap the HIPAA Security Rule?
  • What are my requirements to achieve PCI compliance and am I compliant?
  • What is my organization’s liability regarding PCI Compliance?
  • What is my IT Firm’s role and are they familiar with PCI?
  • Is my organization being overcharged to take patient credit card payments?

This webinar is free to CRHC members. All others will be billed or charged. 

If you need assistance, please contact web@coruralhealth.org



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