06/20/19 THE Consortium: HIT Educational Webinar


03/21/19 THE Consortium: HIT Educational Webinar

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Topic:  The Silent Equity Partner

The system that allows you to collect money from patients is costing you more than it should.

Want to learn how to increase profitability?

We’ve helped hundreds of health organizations save millions of dollars. This webinar will teach CO Rural Health members what they need to know about the cost of collecting payments via credit card.

Learn where the hidden fees are in this unregulated industry and how to optimize your current system.

We will guide you through what you need to know about using an integrated EMR, stand-alone processing solutions, insurance company remittance via credit card and all of the parties that “touch” your payments and take money off of the organization’s bottom line.

Put money back into your pocket with the information you will learn from this webinar!

 At the end of this webinar, attendees should be able to answer these questions:

  •  Which methods of insurance reimbursement can I, and should I, avoid?
  • Are there hidden fees on my merchant statement?
  • Am I on the most cost effective American Express program?
  • Which rates on my statement are negotiable and which are not?
  • Am I being overcharged to accept patient credit card payments?

This webinar is free to CRHC members. All others will be billed or charged. 

If you need assistance, please contact web@coruralhealth.org



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