2/2/2015-Swing Bed Part II


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Join the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) for Part II in our 2-part webinar series on Swing Bed usage in Critical Access Hospitals. Utilizing swing beds in Critical Access Hospitals provides a viableoption at the local community level for patients in need of skilled care. Additionally, swing bed usage for rehabilitation can strengthen relationships between Critical Access Hospitals and larger tertiaryfacilities subject to Inpatient Rehab Facility rules that limit treatment for specified conditions.

During this CAH Swing Bed Webinar Part II, experts from the Joffit Group will cover:

  • Characteristics of a Successful Program/Best Practices
  • Provider Engagement
  • Case Studies
  • FAQs

All participating Colorado CAHs will receive an electronic copy of CRHC’s CAH Swing Bed Manual at no charge. The manual is available for all others to purchase for $199. For information about purchasing the manual, contact, cs@coruralhealth.org.

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