6/25/2018- Revenue Cycle Training Module


This webinar is for FY18 SHIP grant hospitals participating in the Patient Access Activity.

Haugen Patient Access Core Web-based Modules

You got it!  Now, let us show you how to use it!


Through CRHC SHIP grant, you have access to this education FREE!

Attend this one-hour webinar and find out how to:

    • Incorporate these 7 Core modules into your new hire program or annual training plan
    • Observe how fun and easy it is to navigate and interact with these modules
    • View the reports possible to track performance and module completions


Our CORE modules teach CORE concepts to Patient Access Professionals.

CORE Content Topic Description
Patient Identification Focuses on the importance of accurately identifying patients and the impact of errors.
Medicare Basics Enhances understanding of Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Secondary Payer Builds knowledge and skills to comfortable and accurately explain the reason for asking MSP questions during the patient interview
Advanced Beneficiary Notices Explains the purpose and process of ABNs by using real world examples while providing guidance to resources and references
Medicare Important Message Reviews the CMS regulation requiring notification of discharge rights using real world examples
Insurance Basics Builds understanding of insurance plan benefit design, common payment methods and associated terminology.
Revenue Cycle An overview of the administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue


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