Colorado State Innovation Model: The Road Ahead (on order)


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Vatsala Kapur Pathy, Rootstock Solutions
The Colorado State Innovation Model touches nearly every aspect of our health system, setting the stage for a sweeping transformation that will help us accelerate our progress toward the Triple Aim of lower costs, better care and improved population health. Central to transforming the Colorado health system is the integration of behavioral health and primary care, a necessary step in our accelerated achievement of the Triple Aim. Our integration efforts will be supported by an improved public health infrastructure. In turn, behavioral health integration will improve population health by addressing behavioral factors that often impede the management of chronic health problems, especially obesity, smoking and diabetes. A broad range of public health programs will extend health care, including disease prevention, on a population-wide scale. Payment systems will evolve to ensure that our new model of care is sustainable for the long haul. Data will be used effectively and securely to support innovation. And Coloradans will be at the center, with the power and opportunity to make the best choices possible for their own health.

Annual Conference 2014

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