Quality Improvement Workshop with Beth Katzenberg (NON-MEMBER)


Quality Improvement: Thinking, Methods, Tools, and People to Achieve Success

This workshop will be head from 9:00am – 12:00pm on Wednesday April 4th at the Omni Interlocken Resort.

** PLEASE NOTE: Lunch will not be included with this workshop, but there are multiple options on property of the resort to purchase afterwards. Coffee and beverages will be available included with the workshop purchase.

People are often thrown into quality improvement work without learning about the thinking, methods, and tools behind successful improvement. As a result, they may spend a lot of time attempting to make things better, but do not achieve the desired and needed results. This may lead to frustration and beliefs that “quality improvement doesn’t work.”

There is a science to improvement. Understanding and using proven ways to uncover and resolve problems may result in sustained and ever-higher levels of performance throughout your organization.

In this workshop, we will discuss and practice improvement thinking, methods, and tools that create the foundation to achieve and sustain excellent performance.



Participants will be able to

· Build and expand their understanding and ability to use improvement thinking, methods, and tools to drive and attain goals

· Understand that improvement involves more than just tools

· Identify at least three methods and related tools to use in their efforts to improve

· Understand the importance of who to involve in improvement work


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