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Light Cost Reduction

The unique approach uses “Best in Class” LED Lighting products that will reduce your monthly lighting expense by as much as 40-70%. They also ensure that you will not have out of pocket expenses to participate in the program.

Positive Cash flow with “No” out of pocket expense is achieved through rebates, grants and tax incentives all secured by their team of experts.

LED Is Replacing All Lighting – some interesting facts…

• Lighting uses 20% of the world’s energy
By 2014, 50% of new lights will be LED
By 2030, almost every light will be LED based
Free of charge, they come in and preform an audit of your existing lighting equipment and generate a full report of your organizations opportunities. The report includes probable savings, rebates and financial incentives to complete the project.
Eco Tec Lighting LED Lamps will save 81% or $7,793 every year, providing a 61% annual return on investment with a breakeven of 1.25 yrs. yrs.; totaling $78,860 of savings during the LED lamp’s lifetime.

CRHC serves as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), which uses the collective purchasing power of members to negotiate deeply discounted rates for goods and services. Unique Solutions Associates Inc., a preferred provider with CRHC, functions to connect members with a variety of vendors and solution providers, including Investment Solutions.

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