HB09-1111: Health Resources for Underserved Areas

HB09-1111 would help improve healthcare workforce recruitment and retention efforts in rural and underserved areas of Colorado. The bill would create the Primary Care Office (PCO), which is in charge of designating areas of the state as Health Professional Shortage Areas. The PCO also manages programs that place healthcare providers in rural and underserved parts of our state. HB09-1111 also improves access to the state health professions loan repayment program and establishes a healthcare community board who will be charged with assessing and making recommendations on how the state can improve upon the five healthcare loan repayment programs currently being offered in Colorado.

For more detailed information on HB09-1111, please visit the Policy & Advocacy section of the CRHC website: www.coruralhealth.org/crhc/programs/policy/leg_updates.html
This bill has been introduced in the House Health & Human Services Committee. A hearing is scheduled for THURSDAY, FEB. 2nd in LSB-A.
CRHC supports this legislation and we encourage you to contact your Representative to urge their support:

Members of the House Health & Humans Services Committee and their contact information are listed below:
Chair: Jim Riesberg: 303-866-2929; jim.riesberg.house@state.co.us
Vice-Chair: Sara Gagliardi: 303-888-2962; sara.gagliardi.house@state.co.us
Cindy Acree: 303- 866- 2944; cindy.acree.house@state.co.us
Gwen Green: 303-866-2951; gwengreen@yahoo.com
John Kefalas: 303-866-4569; john.kefalas.house@state.co.us
Jim Kerr: 303-866-2939; james.kerr.house@state.co.us
Kevin Lundberg:303-866-2907: replundberg@gmail.com
Anne McGihon: 303-866-2921; anne.mcgihon.house@state.co.us
Dianne Primavera:303-866-4667; dianne.primavera.house@state.co.us
Ellen Roberts: 303-866-2914; ellen.roberts.house@state.co.us
Spencer Swalm: 303-866-5510; spencer.swalm.house@state.co.us
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