Bills in House Appropriations – Contact Your Representative

Two bills that CRHC is in support of (HB-1111: Health Resources for Underserved Areas & HB-1119: Rural Substance Abuse Grant Program) have both passed their first hurdle and now await the House Appropriations Committee. Please contact your Representative and urge their support of these two bills. If you would like more information about either of these bills, please feel free to contact Terri Hurst, Policy Analyst, at or 303-407-2031.

House Appropriations Committee Members
Jack Pommer: 303-866-2780;
Mark Ferrandino: 303-866-2911;
Bob Gardner: 303-866-2191;
Joel Judd: 303-866-2925;
John Kefalas: 303-866-4569;
Andy Kerr: 303-866-2923;
Jim Kerr: 303-866-2939;
Don Marostica: 303-866-2947;
Beth McCann: 303-866-2959;
Sal Pace: 303-866-2968;
Jim Riesberg: 303-866-2929;
Jerry Sonnenberg: 303-866-3706;
Glenn Vaad: 303-866-2943;

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