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SB09-002: Increase Motor Vehicle Fee for Emergency Services is expected to be heard tomorrow (Thurs. Feb. 19th) by the Senate as a Whole. SB09-002 would help improve the capacity of EMS services in Colorado, in particular rural areas of the state. Please contact your Senator to urge their support of this important piece of legislation! We thank you for your help!

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SB09-002: Background Information
SB09-002 would increase the motor vehicle registration fee that funds Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from $1 to $2. Since 1989, EMS has received $1 from each motor vehicle registration fee though there has not been any funding increase since then. These funds are used to support the administration of EMS, to fund the 11 Regional Emergency & Trauma Advisory Councils (RETACs), and fund grant programs. The proposed fee increase will generate an additional $5 million for EMS. From FY2005 through the current year, 70% of the grant funding from EMS was disbursed to rural counties. With the majority of the EMS grant funding supporting EMS in rural Colorado, it is important to help strengthen these vital services.

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