SB002 – Passed another hurdle…..almost there! Please Contact your Representatives!!

SB09-002 passed both the House Transportation & Energy Committee and the House Finance Committee this week! Thanks to all of you for your help and support! The bill now awaits the House Appropriations Committee, which will most likely hear the bill sometime next week. Once it passes Appropriations, it will only have two more steps to go (2nd Reading in the House Committee of the Whole and then 3rd & Final Reading in House Committee of the Whole). While this bill has had a long and tenuous journey, we need your help to push it through the final hurdles! Please contact the House Appropriations members to express your support of this extremely important piece of legislation!

Please read some of the other posts on this site to learn more about SB09-002.

House Appropriations Committee
Jerry Sonnenberg: 303-866-3706;
John Kefalas: 303-866-4569;
Don Marostica: 303-866-2947;
Jim Riesberg: 303-866-2929;
Sal Pace: 303-866-2968;
Jim Kerr: 303-866-2939;
Andy Kerr: 303-866-2923;
Bob Gardner: 303-866-2191;
Jack Pommer: 303-866-2780;
Beth McCann: 303-866-2959;
Joel Judd: 303-866-2925;
Mark Ferrandino: 303-866-2911;
Glenn Vaad: 303-866-2943;

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