Final stretch……

Well, we’re down to the last days of the 2009 legislative session and there is still a lot that needs to be done!

The Good News:

  • SB09-002 (increase funding for EMTS from $1 to $2) passed the General Assembly and is off to the Governor for his signature. THANK YOU to all of you who helped with getting this legislation passed!
  • SB09-129 (duties concerning dental hygenists) became law! Dental hygenists can now diagnose cavitities and perform other oral health services that were previously restricted.
  • HB09-1293 (medicaid hospital provider fee) was signed by the Governor! Now the fun really begins! An advisory board will be established and work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid to hash out what this provide fee will look like and truly mean for Colordans. Stay tuned for more information as this process unfolds.
  • Medicaid provider cuts, which were originally set at 4.33%, have been reduced to 2%. Not sure you can call this good news, but the cuts are less severe then originally expected.

What still needs to be done:

  • SB09-271 proposes taking $35 million from Amendment 35 funds, in particular $15 million from the Primary Care Fund. Approximately $2 million of those Primary Care Funds are allocated to safety net clinics that are not federally qualified health centers (also known as community health centers). CRHC and a host of our partner organizations have been working to stop the General Assembly from taking these Primary Care Funds. Focus is targeted specifically on Joint Budget Committee members right now, which include:
    Senator Moe Keller, Senator Abel Tapia, Senator Al White, Rep. Jack Pommer, Rep. Mark Ferrandino, Rep. Don Marostica

  • HB09-1111 (health resources for underserved areas) is scheduled to be heard tomorrow (Tues. April 28th) in Senate Appropriations. Click HERE for more information on this bill.
  • HB09-1119 (rural substance abuse grant program) is scheduled to be heard by the entire Senate tomorrow (4.28).

Please contact your Senator NOW to urge their support on these two very important pieces of legislation! For an up to date list of contact information, please click HERE.

Again, thanks for all of your help and support this legislative session! We’re almost done!

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