12.9.09 – Healthcare Reform Update

The fun continues as the Senate moves into its 10th day of the healthcare reform debate. As of this writing, Senate Majority Leader has pulled the public option and has offered a compromise instead. The compromise consists of offering a private plan that is similar to the Federal Employee Health Benefit plan, which is the plan offered to members of Congress. The compromise also would allow those who are uninsured and between the ages of 55 – 64 years old to buy into Medicare. Even with this compromise being offered, there are some Senators who are still talking of allowing a “trigger” for a public option that would come into effect by a certain date if this compromised plan does not alleviate healthcare costs and reduce the number of uninsured.

There are still numerous amendments, including rural provisions, that have been officially filed, but not yet brought to the floor. There is no distinct timeline as to when the rural amendments will be offered, though Senator Reid is still claiming the Senate will have a complete bill before Christmas. Stay tuned………

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