Announcing the New Special Delivery e-Newsletter!

CRHC has been sending you quarterly newsletters for many years, but with new technology available, we’re upgrading!  Now, all newsletter content is available on our Special Delivery page, where it is organized, archived, and regularly updated!

Two important notes about the new format of Special Delivery:

  1. All posts have labels assigned to them that help categorize the information. If you are only interested in seeing posts on a specific topic, just click on the one you’re interested in from the right hand side of the Special Delivery page.
  2. You are currently subscribed to receive a Special Delivery email on the 15th of every month. However, if you would like to change your subscription to receive updates more often, simply click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of your Special Delivery emails, and then re-subscribe on the Special Delivery site at whatever frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) you prefer. We understand that your time is valuable, and don’t want to clog your inbox!
If you have any questions about the new Special Delivery format, please email us at
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