A Message from Our Friends at CFMC

Check out the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) Weekly Provider and Practice News, an electronic newsletter designed to help you get the most out of your electronic health record (EHR). Each week we collect information including important news and updates, upcoming events, learning opportunities, and best practices about everything from incentive programs to Medicare quality reporting to include in one concise package for your use. You can check out previous editions of the newsletter by visiting this site.

The newsletter also includes information about our EHR User Groups that we have established for a number of EHR systems. As part of our User Group program, we offer free webinars with vendor representatives to answer your questions and also facilitate discussion among fellow EHR users! Current participants tell us that this is a very valuable opportunity as they listen, learn, and problem solve with their peers using the same products.

Contact our team member, Ann Williams, at awilliams@cfmc.org to sign up for our newsletter and EHR-specific User Groups or feel free to call her at 303-784-5792 with any questions.

Much is happening in healthcare. Check out my monthly CEO update for the latest in rural healthcare.


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