Important News for CRHC CAHs and Hospitals Attesting for Medicaid EHR Incentives

Colorado Medicaid (HCPF) has extended the sixty day deadline after the end of the 2012 federal fiscal year for submission of either AIU or 90 day attestation. The new deadline is December 29, 2012. The attestation MUST BE submitted by this date which provides a 30 day additional grace period. Some of our CAHs have been anxiously awaiting the ability to submit their 90 day MU reporting for Medicaid and this will be welcome news since the attestation site is still not ready to accept 90 day reporting. A few of our CAHs have waited to submit their Medicaid AIU for 2012 until this week and they too will have a grace period. If you have questions, please contact our Senior Advisor David Ginsberg at

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