VA Office of Rural Health: Webinar Resources Available

Did you know about 3.4 million Veterans (about 41% of total) enrolled in the VA Health Care System live in rural or highly rural areas of the country? Men and women Veterans from geographically rural areas make up a disproportionate share of service members and comprise about 39% of the enrolled Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan; many of who are returning to their rural communities. In order to better serve rural Veterans, the VA created the Office of Rural Health in 2007.

You can now watch Rural Health on demand events in MyVeHU Campus. To access, simply sign into MyVeHU Campus and click on the purple On Demand button. Click in the search box and enter “rural health” and click “GO”. Once the titles appears, click on the right arrow, of the session you want to attend, which will allow you to view the broadcast.

Review the broadcasts as often as you like, share it with your co-workers and send the viewing information to anyone you think would be interested. All of the MyVeHU Campus resources are available anytime from anywhere. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available, after completing and passing the post test.

If you have any questions or problems regarding MyVeHU Campus, please contact the MyVeHU Campus Support Team at

Click the links below to watch a short commercial for each webinar:

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