Cyberscience to exhibit at the Forum!!!

Founded in 1977, Cyberscience Corporation is one of the world’s leading business intelligence solution providers, with operations in North America, Europe and Australasia. Cyberquery is the result of more than thirty years experience delivering business intelligence excellence.

Cyberscience products provide your organization with the solution to fast, informed decision making. Our products empower your key decision makers with the critical information they need in seconds, not hours.

Cyberscience brings together innovative research and development with a comprehensive range of consulting, support and training services. This industry-leading combination delivers unsurpassed business benefits to our customers and partners.

We combine Cyberscience software and expertise, with world leading business applications. This adds power and flexibility to these systems that greatly enhances their value, leveraging an organization’s entire investment in Information Technology. We provide business with the key to fast, informed decision making – information.  Our solutions support the full spectrum of users from major multi-national business organizations in the finance, insurance, manufacturing, petrochemical, medical and distribution sectors together with smaller organizations and public utilities and Government departments.

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