Nonprofit SORHs Strengthen Collaboration

    In February, directors and staffers from nonprofit State Offices of Rural Health (SORHs) met in Colorado to collaborate and exchange information. “For the last ten years, every other year or so, we get together and talk about the trials and tribulations of being a nonprofit SORH,” said John Barnas, executive director of the Michigan Center for Rural Health. The meeting was sponsored by NOSORH as an Educational Exchange program.

    There are three nonprofit SORHs—Michigan, Colorado and South Carolina. These are independent, 501c3 membership-based organizations with their own board of directors (of the other 50 SORHs, 10 are university-based, and the rest are located in their state’s health department).
    Michelle Mills, CEO of the Colorado Rural Health Center, which sponsored the meeting, said the event allowed participants to “share membership, revenue opportunities and structure of our SORHs.” Topics included revenue-generating strategies, policy initiatives, team and staff organization, membership structure, developing relationships with potential sponsors, and working with Rural Health Clinics. Click HERE to read more.
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