David Ginsberg will present at Annual Conference!
David Ginsberg


David has lectured and provided hands on support for health care organizations who are searching, selecting or implementing Electronic Health Records. Drawing on this extensive compliance background, as well as provider work flow management, he is helping organizations make sound business decisions in this emerging area.

“His sessions are always full!”
“David is a great presenter.  I would like to see more of this next year. His updates are an important part of the ever changing healthcare field.”

David will present 4 sessions at this year’s Annual Rural Health Conference.  One of those sessions will be:

How to be an effective Compliance Officer…  

Rural healthcare organizations face challenges with limited resources and staff. Compliance officials often must wear multiple “hats” and stay current with many changing regulations. This session will explore the best practices for effective Compliance Officials including:
  • Building a culture of compliance in your organization
  • Dealing with conflicting roles
  • Using information technology to help you

Who should attend…

  • Compliance officers
  • CEOs and CFO’s or other senior management
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