Update from the CEO: Members Receive $1.5 Million in Program Support

The Fourth of July is truly a time for celebration in our Country and I hope you all enjoyed some well-deserved time with your family and friends.

This is an exciting month with multiple noteworthy announcements.  First, please see the newly revised Colorado rural, urban, and frontier map.  As a resource that is frequently referenced by multiple state and private organizations, we are proud to present the updated version based on the new USDA rural definition.  Additionally, we’re thrilled to introduce our 2012annual report which is highlighted in this month’s Special Delivery.  We’ve undergone multiple changes, but the accomplishments outlined in the report showcase the strength of the CRHC team and the dedication of our members. 

As many of you closed out your fiscal year in June, CRHC also finalized its work with organizations throughout rural Colorado by awarding over $1.5 millionin program support last month to our members.  I’d like to dedicate this article to the amazing work these organizations are providing in rural Colorado healthcare.  The following is a tribute to the programs and people that received financial support from CRHC.

Emergency preparedness is planning for natural or man-made disasters–what you, your organization, and your community can and will do in case of an emergency. Within this program is the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), which enhances the ability of hospitals and other healthcare entities to prepare for and respond to all hazards and other public health emergencies.  During June, program participants across Colorado received over $1.4 million in support.

CREATE assists private and public organizations in improving and expanding the emergency medical and trauma system in Colorado. Applicants must have as their purpose the provision of emergency medical and trauma services in Colorado to be eligible. This grant is intended to provide funding for education and training for emergency medical and trauma services.  Last month, $64,000 was awarded to participants.

The overall goal of the Small Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) is to assist small rural hospitals in addressing delivery system challenges and barriers related to the focus areas: Value Based Purchasing, Accountable Care Organizations, and Payment Bundling.  This resulted in the payment out of $44,499to participating members.

The CROP award is a loan repayment program for rural providers who may be ineligible for the Colorado Health Service Corps or National Health Service Corps programs.  After a one year commitment that ended in June, two rural providers were awarded their loan repayment CROP funds.

·         Mara Pacyga, Kremmling Memorial Hospital
·         Regina LeVerrier, Colorado West Mental Health, Grand Junction

The Marva Jean Jackson Rural Community Health Scholarships support rural “grow your own” efforts.  Evidence has shown that one of the factors that will influence a provider’s choice of practice location is their “roots.”  People from a rural area are more likely to practice in a rural area.  Programs that support healthcare training and education for people from rural areas have proven to be an effective tool in helping address the rural workforce shortage.

·         Penni Wilson, Eastern Plains Medical Clinic, Calhan, will receive funds for a wound educators course

The Seed grant is available for rural projects whose intent matches the mission of CRHC.  Funds are intended as “seed” money to develop a new program or service.

·         Valley Assisted Living, Silver Cliff, will receive funds to purchase a new wheelchair scale for their residents.

I’d like to congratulate all of our members who were recipients of awards in June, and to emphasize the vital work they are providing in rural healthcare throughout Colorado.  Thank you for your continued dedication to improving the health of your communities.  We look forward to continuing to serve rural Colorado.
Much is happening in healthcare. Check out my monthly CEO update for the latest in rural healthcare.


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