Calhoun County Community Dental Access Initiative

This program began in 2007 to address the oral health needs of poor and largely uninsured residents of Calhoun County, Michigan. In the Community Dental Access Initiative (CDAI), patients volunteer at community non-profits in exchange for dental care. To ensure that the urgent need for care diminishes over time, patients also receive oral health education.

Dentists can join the Dentists’ Partnership Initiative (DPI) at different levels of commitment, ranging from 2-3 visits per month to 8 or more per month. Participating dentists can see their work is valued because the patients have paid for services through their volunteer work. Dentists receive community recognition of their service and, depending on the level of participation, support for purchases to improve their practice or enhance patient care.

Read who the program is a community partnership is made of here.

Check out the latest news and events at CRHC.


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