Featured News: Don’t fear failure. Fail fast, harness data and adapt

If Silicon Valley venture capitalists were trying to fix broken health care systems, they would invest in multiple solutions at once and expect most to fail. But they would take action.

That was the message from Rebecca Costa, an evolutionary biologist and a keynote speaker at the Colorado Health Symposium sponsored by the Colorado Health Foundation.

In nature, diversification ensures survival. In health care, Costa sees big organizations that want to meet endlessly, hold focus groups, then move tentatively, if at all, as they embark on singular solutions destined to fail at a glacial pace.

“Singularity is a drive toward extinction,” said Costa, a former CEO of a Silicon Valley marketing firm, a radio host and author of the book, “The Watchman’s Rattle: A Radical New Theory of Collapse.”

“Any time anybody is betting on one solution, you’ve got a problem,” Costa told health experts from around Colorado and the U.S. as they gathered to ponder how to harness the power of change. Read more here.

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