Member of the Month: Ryon Medical and Associates

Ryon Medical and Associates is an integrated healthcare clinic providing medical and mental healthcare to residents in Southeastern Colorado.  The clinic is located in La Junta and specializes in family practice, psychiatry, counseling and mental health for all ages.

Martin Masar is the Chief Executive Officer at Ryon Medical and Associates and holds a Masters in Social Work from Creighton University.  Prior to his current position as CEO at Ryon Medical, Masar worked at the Colorado Boy’s Ranch in La Junta.  It was during his time at the Boy’s Ranch that he met his current business partner, Kevin Harsh.  Harsh was the Director of Nursing at the time, and when the Boy’s Ranch closed, Masar and Harsh developed a business plan to renovate the old Boy’s Ranch building into a full service family clinic – now Ryon Medical and Associates.

The clinic provides a variety of services to its clients, including outpatient family medical services, outpatient mental health services, assessments and evaluations, referrals to medical centers, after hours services available by appointment, same day appointments, private and confidential treatment, psychological testing, educational testing, eldercare evaluations and nursing care center evaluations. 

Focusing not only on the physical wellbeing of its patients, Ryon Medical and Associates provides an array of mental health services.  In fact, Ryon Medical and Associates has collaborated with the Region Six Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center (RESADA) to expand its services.  Through this partnership, outpatient substance abuse treatment is available for individuals who suffer from substance abuse. 

Ryon Medical and Associates is also the recipient of a Department of Justice grant to fund the Sexual Assault Response Project.  A project coordinator has been hired and will provided education and training opportunities throughout the valley.  The program trains professionals in the care, treatment, trauma and forensic examination of assault victims. 

Ryon Medical and Associates recently joined the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) membership.  “We are excited to have a rural clinic providing integrated care join our membership,” said Melissa Bosworth, Director of Workforce and Outreach at CRHC, “Not only are we happy to provide technical assistance and resources to the clinic, but we are able to share their success and challenges with other rural clinics that are moving towards integrated care.”

 The CRHC’s Quality Improvement Specialist, Kathryn Steele, recently visited the clinic to conduct a Healthy Clinic Assessment.  “This is an amazing clinic;” said Steele, “Martin and his staff at Ryon Medical are committed to treating the whole patient.”

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