Families Plus in Delta receives grant for EHR

Families Plus staff has been working to setup and organize cloud based electronic health records since the summer of 2012. At that time the Colorado Rural Health Center, extended a grant to Families Plus to purchase needed equipment and to buy into an electronic health system. After much research, PsychTech Solutions was selected; which offers a customized health records system to the needs of each individual health care organization. August 1st of this year was the Go Live date. All the records were set up and ready for use by the six mental health care professionals that wok for Families Plus. “The first month has been a dream come true” comments Dr. Brenda Holland, Executive Director of the program. All staff found the system easy to learn and fast in documenting the work being done in the organization. The PsychTech Solutions systems is so advanced that documents can be signed on tablet devices with no need for extra paper copies to be printed or handled unless they are requested.

Thanks to the Colorado Rural Health Center, Grants Council and United HealthGroup, Families Plus is operating a 21st century electronic system to keep up with patient growth and demands. Families Plus is a local nonprofit organization that works alongside of parents and volunteers to promote healthy development of all local children through good health care access, academic success, skill building activities and time with mentoring families. Click here, to visit the Families Plus website.
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