QHi and How CRHC Can Help
Quality Health Indicators (QHi) is a user driven program specifically designed to facilitate benchmarking for small rural facilities. Taking part in QHi is free for CAHs. Participants benchmark against self-defined peer groups to learn from the best practices of other organizations in order to adopt new processes in 4 categories:
  • Clinical Quality
  • Financial and Operational
  • Employee Contribution
  • Patient Satisfaction

As a proven technique for discovering and incorporating best practices into operations, benchmarking provides the opportunity to use interventions already built and tested by others, reducing the costs of making significant advances in the quality of care.

Whether you need help getting started with QHi, making sure data is submitted or analyzing your data, CRHC can help you navigate in multiple ways. Call Caleb Siem, CAH Program Manager, at 303.468.3498 for more information.
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