Think Rural. Think Health. Think Support.

Think Rural. As we approach 2014 – facing new challenges and opportunities – it is more important than ever that we continue to be able to support and advocate on behalf of the rural healthcare safety net.  CRHC is committed to connecting its members with resources and information to stay informed during this challenging time. Many of the programs and services directly affect the individuals and families living in these rural communities.  For instance, a few months ago a rural site received a CRHC funded automated external defibrillator (AED).  Shortly after receiving the AED, a male patient entered the clinic complaining of chest pains – coded – and the nurse immediately grabbed the AED.  It is hard to think about the outcome had the AED not been installed. “Think Rural” is who we serve!  

Think Health. We are guided strongly by our vision of ensuring all Coloradoans have access to affordable, comprehensive, high quality healthcare.  For example, did you know…of the ten counties in Colorado with the highest rates of uninsured adults, nine of those counties are rural – or that on average, recruiting a physician to a rural community takes at least one year – or the five counties with the highest percentage of children living in poverty are rural or frontier counties.  These rural and frontier communities face unique healthcare needs and CRHC is committed to addressing these issues to ensure these communities remain wonderful places to live, work and visit.  “Think Health” is why we do it!    

Think Support. CRHC is well positioned to provide support to ensure access to healthcare for all Coloradans, and we recognize our work would be impossible without support from our industry partners. We ask you to consider Modern Sponsorship – our highest and most needed sponsorship level – which includes an extensive benefit package and the opportunity to significantly impact healthcare services available in rural Colorado. Alternatively, you may wish to consider Classic Sponsorship, which also connects your organization to facilities in need of your products and services. “Think Support” is how we can impact rural health together!    

Please feel free to contact Melissa Bosworth, Director of Workforce and Outreach (, or 720.248.2750) if you have questions about sponsorship.

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