CREATE Stakeholder Call (Part 2) – Friday

 Attention CREATE Participants and Interested Parties

 You are personally invited to join us for a CREATE stakeholder call on Friday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. This is your opportunity to be a part of the process, as we prepare for programmatic updates to The Colorado Resource for Emergency and Trauma Education (CREATE) grant program.

  · WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: As the program continues to experience successful growth, now more than ever is the time to discuss the scoring tool and the cut off for a pass/fail score.

 · Why We Need Your Support: Stakeholder input and discussions are extremely important before recommendations are made to SEMTAC (State Emergency and Trauma Advisory Council) for approval.

· Background Information: The lowest average score has been 28 out of 50 points possible and the highest passing score has been 45.75 out of 50 points possible. The average passing score has been in the mid to high 30 points range (35 or above).

 To register for these meetings: Dial-In Number: U.S. & Canada: 866.740.1260 Access Code: 5655847

Ready Talk Registration Link:

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