The Secret’s Out: The Key To Unlock Your Grantor’s Interest:
 Many successful grant writers agree that the key to unlocking the door of your grantor’s interest is simply through effectively answering the question: What is the need that my organization will address? It’s the single most important narrative that clearly and convincingly describes and demonstrates why the project should be funded (e.g., benefits, end products, etc.). The central goal, in any grant whether CREATE or other, is to convince the reviewers of the legitimacy of your problem. They want to know your solution is viable, and that you can execute/accomplish your solution. What a grant application essentially does is sell your need and solution to the funder. Here are a few tips in CREATE-ing your needs narrative?
  •   Explain why your organization needs this grant? If you receive this grant, how would this grant benefit your organization? Describe and document your need. Support the existence of the project/request with data from surveys, patient call type reports, etc.

  • What is the overall community need? How would XXX community benefit if you received grant funding? (e.g.; small rural volunteer led agency with only 6 trained paramedics whom service a large tourist community with increased service need during high ski season.
  •   List past success with previous grant funds related to the current project.
For additional tips and more information about CREATE, contact Lakesha Jones, Grants Manager at (720) 248-2742 or by email at .
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