ACA, and You” Office Hours on March 18

HRSA will be hosting a supplemental “ORHP, ACA, and You” Office Hours on March 18, discussing pertinent updates related to outreach and enrollment in the 2015 Marketplace. Focus will be on populations still eligible for the Marketplace,  updates on the new tax-related Special Enrollment Period that opens March 15th, as well as a featured presentation “Collaboration on Tribal ACA Outreach.”

Webinar Information

Date: March 18
Time: 3-4 PM EST
Dial-In: 888-831-8965
Passcode: 5904375
Adobe Connect Log-In:

March 26, 2015 | 2:00 PM EST: Click to Register

UPDATE: Taxes and the Marketplace

a. For those consumers enrolled in the 2014 Marketplace, Form 1095-A verifies health insurance coverage when filing federal income taxes. This form is also used to complete Form 8962 , the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) form. These forms were sent to consumers in early February, however, about 800,000 (roughly 1 percent) of filers were sent forms with incorrect benchmark information. Corrected forms have now been sent to consumers. If working with consumers who are affected by this problem, assisters are advised to tell individuals to wait until they have received the corrected form or to find the correct information on-line before filing tax returns. For those consumers who have already filed their taxes, they will not need to file an amended return as the IRS has announced that they will not be requiring the collection of additional taxes depending on the updated information on the corrected Form 1095-A.

b. Resources:
i. Form 1095-A Q&A for assisters: Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan issue
ii. Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) tax tool
iii. Lowest Cost Bronze Plan (LCBP) tax tool
iv. To assist consumers in finding local tax preparers: IRS public directory of tax professionals

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