Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic Recognized as Featured Member

Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic Recognized as Featured Member as Hospital Prepares for Second Community Health Needs Assessment

Per the requirements for charitable hospital organizations added by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, the Mt. San Rafael Hospital and Clinic continues partnership with Colorado Rural Health Center to conduct a community health needs assessment and adopt an implementation strategy to meet the community’s health needs

Denver, Colo – The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) observed its two year anniversary of its Featured Member of the Month program. What started back in April 2013 as a modest blog post has matured into formal recognition, sometimes featured through press releases or local newspaper feature. Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic, a certified rural health clinic, located in Trinidad, Colorado, was recently recognized as a featured member.

CRHC serves as the state’s nonprofit association for nearly 200 rural clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers. The Featured Member of the Month program showcases the innovation and success stories that impact the quality of healthcare delivery in rural Colorado.

Mt. San Rafael Hospital was first recognized in September 2014 and is now followed by recognition of its affiliated rural health clinic. The Mt. San Rafael Hospital Clinic is a hospital based rural health clinic with both physicians and nurse practitioners on staff.

The clinic is a highly engaged, active member of CRHC. The clinic is currently working closely with CRHC’s provider recruitment program in efforts to recruit a Family Nurse Practitioner and Family Physician.

In addition, the clinic participates in CRHC’s Healthy Clinic Assessment (HCA) program, the Improving Communication and Readmission (iCARE) program, the Sentinel Cohort Project, and other quality improvement initiatives.

The high engagement of the clinic is part of a larger commitment by the hospital to utilize all available resources – including those offered by CRHC – toward being a model for rural healthcare and wellness.

Most notably the hospital has commenced its community health needs assessment (CHNA), which is a provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) required for nonprofit hospital facilities. Mt. San Rafael Hospital is the first facility to contract with CRHC to conduct its second CHNA.

Per the requirements all charitable hospital organizations are required to conduct a CHNA at least once every three years. For many facilities, this year marks their three year deadline.

Melissa Bosworth, director of workforce and outreach, comments on the project stating, “CRHC is excited to lead the CHNA with Mt. San Rafael and we look forward to providing an opportunity for the residents in the Mt. San Rafael Hospital service area to come together to discuss where they would like to be, in terms of health and access to care.”

In addition to the CHNA, the hospital will need to adopt an implementation strategy guided by the outcome of the assessment to meet identified community health needs. CRHC is committed to helping facilities conduct their triennial CHNA and satisfy their community benefit obligations per section 501(c)(3). To inquire about conducting a CHNA with CRHC, call 303.832.7493 or email

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