Health care costs in Colorado: What are your thoughts?

Help us frame a rural response…

CRHC is asking its members – and other rural health facilities – to contact us with their responses to any of the questions listed below. We want to accurately frame a response on behalf of all rural providers.

As Colorado’s State Office of Rural Health and member-based association for rural health facilities – the Colorado Rural Health Center is compiling feedback on behalf of its members to submit to the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care (CCAHC).

Feedback is being solicited statewide on the topics listed below. The responses will be used to increase the knowledge of commissioners and inform the larger dialogue on efforts related to health care costs in Colorado.   Responses will be available publicly on the commission’s website.


To respond, email us at or call Michelle Mills at 303.407.0410.

  1. What do you think are the fundamental cost drivers and why?

  2. What are the barriers to reducing cost?

  3. Can you list up to three things that you are doing to address cost that are unique?

  4. Is there any supporting data that demonstrates a reduction in cost?

  5. Where do you see waste in the system?

  6. What are the principal barriers to transparency?

  7. What would you change to make things better related to cost?


Letter from CCAHC



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