CEO Update: What Matters to You?

CEO Update: What Matters to You?

Staff_MichelleMills_150 x 150I recently visited Universal Studios and spent time in in the world of Harry Potter and it sparked my thoughts on the trials and tribulations that Harry faced through the series of events that involved a good beginning that quickly gave way to a rocky start through his late teens.  Remember his life was battling continual evils to make the world a better place. Ultimately, in the end, he succeeded.

This story relates to the changing times we are facing in healthcare and specifically in rural healthcare.  Its moves and counter moves, its partnerships and collaboration, and its players fighting for access to care in our communities.

The world of healthcare is indeed changing and in order to provide access to care in our rural communities; we must change.  Recently several funding opportunities for clinics have opened up in the area of practice transformation.  CRHC is collaborating in grants including Evidence Now Southwest, the State Innovation Model (SIM) and the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiatives (TCPI).   We can help rural health clinics standardize processes, integrate behavioral health, collect data and collaborate with others in the community to provide greater patient centered care.  We know that collecting, producing and validating measureable quality data is difficult, however, setting practice progress and priority goals are essential to achieving long-term success for the practice and better care.

Recently during the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) conference they discussed “What Matters to You vs. What’s the Matter” as a way to approach greater patient or person centered care.  This statement resonated with me, and I challenge you to think about how you might incorporate this into your everyday conversations.  At CRHC we are taking this statement to heart. In the first half of 2016 we will be conducting member assessments to determine “What Matters to You” as members. We won’t stop at assessments.  We’ll use what matters to you to modify and enhance our offerings as your resource to tools and linkages.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your participation and membership in 2015.  During the year, 92 percent of members participated in flagship programs, 68 percent participated in education and training, and 68 percent utilized a service.  We exist to strengthen your sustainability.  On behalf of the CRHC board and staff I’d like to wish you an amazing holiday season!

Much is happening in healthcare. Check out my monthly CEO update for the latest in rural healthcare.


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