Member of the Month: Valley Assisted Living in Silver Cliff

Valley Assisted Living in Silver Cliff, Colorado Recognized as Featured Member Community by the Colorado Rural Health Center

Denver, Colo. – February 16, 2016 –The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) recently released the 2016 edition of its annual publication, the Snapshot of Rural Health. The report highlights rural health data such as demographic trends, economic impact analysis, health risk indicators, county-level health disparities and rural practice transformation initiatives.

As the healthcare implications of an aging population gain momentum, it is worthy to note the demographic trends taking place in rural Colorado. In the state of Colorado, 17% of the population aged 65-84, and 40% of the population over 80 lives in rural areas. By 2018, the 65 and over rural population is projected to grow almost 4% from 17.2% to 20.7%.

In the years to come, rural communities must address the rapidly rising aging population and ensure that healthcare services meet a range of needs for their older citizens. For this reason, CRHC has chosen to highlight Valley Assisted Living, located in Silver Cliff, Colorado, as this month’s featured member community.

Located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Silver Cliff has a population of 587 residents. When combined with the neighboring town of Westcliffe, the total county population (Custer County) is 4,255. The county population over 65 years is 29.2% and is expected to increase by 2018 to 32.2%. The median age is 53. In addition, 21% of the population is covered by Medicaid and 39% of households have an individual over 60 receiving food stamps.

Serving this demographic, Valley Assisted Living Inc. (VALI) provides high quality, safe, family-style residence and assistance to aging and disabled residents – allowing them to remain in the community. The Adler House is licensed for up to 19 residents and is centrally located in the community. Residents enjoy spectacular mountain views and the opportunity for outdoor activities, such as gardening and off-site activities.

Valley Assisted LivingOther healthcare services available in the community include Custer County Medical Center located in Westcliffe – also a CRHC member.

CRHC is excited to showcase VALI and the Silver Cliff and Westcliffe communities as this month’s featured member community. In addition, CRHC recognizes VALI’s commitment to serving its community’s aging population. VALI has been a CRHC member since 2011. To learn more about VALI, visit

To download the 2016 edition, Snapshot of Rural Health, visit


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