CEO Update: The Road To Progress

CEO Update: The Road to Progress

Earlier this summer I was finally introduced to the Downton Abbey series. I know I’m a bit behind the game but I loved it. One episode caught my attention and made me think of our rural communities and access to care. The episode essentially was the struggle between remaining independent or affiliating with a larger system. These are some of the same struggles that exist today.

Many of our rural communities have conducted Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) over the past several years, which demonstrates a community coming together to solve problems, meet the needs and address care on a local level. From these CHNAs, some of the common themes are access to care, mental health and substance abuse, and chronic disease.

One of the key issues identified not only through CHNA but through County Health Rankings is access to care. For many of our rural communities, that means lack of transportation.

As you know, transportation or lack of transportation can mean the difference of being healthy and not. Both the issues of having transportation and having access to care demonstrate the need for transportation and public health to come together. Luckily in Colorado, CDOT is ahead of the game and in Colorado, we are a leader across the US in bringing these topics together to develop solutions.

Over the past year I had the privilege to participate in the Public Health, Equity and Transportation Taskforce.  The vision is “Transportation systems impact public health, therefore, CDOT commits to consider statewide transportation policies and strategies that maximize the health and safety of all people.”  This is only the start and CDOT needs to hear your voice.  You can share you voice by participating in the short survey (three simple questions) at and see the fact sheet our CRHC’s website.

CRHC is excited to be part of the movement to bring transportation and public health together to better serve the needs of our communities and we continue to make sure the rural voice is represented.  We hope that you take the time to make sure the rural voice is heard as well!




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