CEO Update: Grant and Conference Season

CEO Update: Grant and Conference Season

Fall is in the air along with an end, hopefully, to 90 degree days, and finally our Annual Conference is coming in person.  I truly cannot express how much we’ve missed seeing you in person.  We once again have a great lineup of speakers covering leadership, the Hospital Transformation Program, Providers of Distinction, chronic disease, equity, policy, technology, and innovation in rural.  If you haven’t seen the agenda or signed up you can visit us here

Early bird rates for the conference go up October 1! Don’t delay!

In addition to the early bird deadline approaching, a number of funding opportunities are coming up as well. I’d like to remind you that the USDA Emergency Rural Health Care Funds and The Colorado Health Foundation grants are available.

Recovery Grants – Due October 12, 2021 – if funds are still available after October 12th then applications will be accepted until all funds are spent – approximately $350 million

Grants range from $25,000 – $1 million. “Grant funds are limited to an applicable percentage of eligible project costs (up to 75%) based on population and the median household income of the population served.”

Recovery Grants are available to help provide immediate COVID-19 relief to support rural hospitals, clinics and local communities. These funds may be used to increase vaccine distribution and telehealth capabilities; purchase medical supplies; replace revenue lost during the pandemic (for expenses incurred on or after March 14, 2020); build and rehabilitate temporary or permanent structures for healthcare services; support staffing needs for vaccine administration and testing; and support facility and operations expenses associated with food banks and food distribution facilities.

Impact Grants – Due by October 12, 2021 to the USDA Rural Development State Office – approximately $125 million

Grants range from $5 million – $10 million for a three-year award “grant funds are limited to an applicable percentage of eligible project costs (up to 75%) based on population and the median household income of the population served.”

Impact Grants are available to help regional partnerships to solve regional rural healthcare problems in response to the pandemic and support the long-term sustainability of rural healthcare, defined as improved health outcomes, improved access to quality healthcare, and creating and maintaining sustainable economic development for small communities.  These funds may be used to establish or scale a regional partnership of community leaders and healthcare partners to plan, implement, and evaluate a model to support solving regional healthcare problems and promote the long-term sustainability of rural healthcare.  Establish or scale an evidence-based model and disseminate lessons learned for possible replication in other small communities and regions.  Identify a health-related problem and solution to solve the problem, establish methodology to calculate summary impact measures return on investment to cover the cost of technical assistance.

The Colorado Health Foundation’s Advancing Team Based Care Grant

  • The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF) will support rural, safety net clinics in receiving technical assistance (TA) to improve their clinical and business capacity so they can offer high-quality, team-based comprehensive primary care. The Foundation will fund clinics up to $125,000 over the two-year period to support clinic staff participation in the funding opportunity and any education and travel-related expenses associated with implementing team-based care. TA for this funding opportunity will be provided by Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)and John Snow, Inc. (JSI).
  • The grant deadline for this opportunity is October 15, 2021and CRHC is here to help! If you would like support in the application and/or grant-writing process, our team will provide technical assistance to help you submit a successful proposal. Preference for this grant is being giving to small, rural practices – this is your chance to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity!
  • Check out more resources on TCHF’s website here and on CRHC’s website here
  • Recording of presentation on ATBC program at the annual Forum 2021 and powerpoint.

If interested, contact CRHC staff, Sara Leahy or Katie Schweber

We hope you take the opportunity to apply and are looking forward to seeing everyone in October at the Annual Conference. For more information on regular grant deadlines, contact Matt Enquist to be added to our member newsletters.


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