CRHC Staff Agree: Get Your Flu Shot!

Growing up the flu shot wasn’t something that I remember getting. It wasn’t a shot that I felt that I really needed. Until my son was diagnosed with cancer and his doctors told us how important it was for everyone in our household to get it. If we passed the flu to him, he could get really sick.  I got the flu shot for my son, and for the other children at Children’s Hospital where I spent many nights by his bedside, and where I volunteered for many years. I will continue to do it, because I care for others. It’s not just about me.

Michelle Cuellar, Accountant




“During my undergraduate degree, a professor explained the history of vaccines and how they are one of the few effective preventative measures we have in modern day medicine. Since then, I’ve had a strong appreciation for how vaccines protect ourselves and our community. I feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself when I get my flu vaccine!”

Katie Schweber, MPH, Population Health Programs Manager




“Even though I’m scared of needles, I got my flu shot to do my part in preventing the spread of the flu.  My arm was a little sore, but I treated myself to a day of snacks and Netflix!  Worth it!”

Kelly Erb, Policy & Advocacy Manager





“I receive my flu vaccine every year – it is well worth it to keep myself and my family and friends healthy and not miss out on fun things in my life. Plus, my kids feel way more comfortable and confident getting their shot when they know mom has gotten it too!”

Sara Leahy, Director of Member Services


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